About us

Money and Markets Uganda is a weekly business magazine show meant to educate and inform viewers about major developments in the economy while teaching them how to make the best of the markets.

Structure of the show:The show has five segments, each addressing a different business need of our target audience.

The Board Room:

This segment is intended to pick the minds of captains of business, head of government agencies and policy makers on the issues affecting their industries or sectors. The topic for discussion is anchored on an issue (for instance interest rates) that is trending in that particular sector or industry with a view of educating and informing the public its causes, impact, opportunities and challenges it presents. It also offers our sources a chance to air out their views on articular subjects.

The Big Story:

This is an in-depth analytical business feature with views of different resource people about a particular subject, industry or economic development. The segment is meant to give a 360-degree outlook of the selected topic with a view of helping the viewer get a deeper understanding of the subject. This is also anchored on the major developments in the economy.


This segment is for profiling some of Uganda’s best entrepreneurial stories with a view of carrying forward the country’s entrepreneurial spirit. Special attention here is being paid at picking stories of entrepreneurs that have been able to build businesses that have stood the test of time. The goal is to inspire more entrepreneurs but also to educate them about reasons behind high business mortality rates and how to beat the odds. We deliberately look at the youth and women that have been able to make it in this space.

Make Money:

This segment is meant to teach people how to make money without necessarily fully owning and running those businesses. It pays special attention to available investment vehicles and options that transcend those traditionally known.


The technology segment looks at the recent business enabling technological innovations. It also looks at the opportunities and challenges these present to the business community. Within this segment, we also look at the stories of the local technology developers. This segment is also meant to inform our audiences about the technologies around them plus how to optimize benefits from these technologies for both business and social needs.

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